Purina Proplan

Embalagens Proplan

Client: Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Date: 2013
Services: Deisgn de Embalagem

Line of packages designed to provide practicality to the consumer on a daily basis, through simple and effective solutions that help obtain better product storing, preservation and utilization.
The silver element seen on some packages of the premium line is kept in the graphic design and it promotes a sentimental connection with the customers by means of the addition of feline closes to the labels.The packaging is made of paper, substrate of speed rotting in nature, which emphasizes the concern of the brand to seek sustainable solutions for its products. The colors work as a code, supplying a quick understandable component for the public, so that people can easily recognize on the shelves the specific product destined to each feline stage of life.

Accompanied by a dosing tip which helps the consumer place the food in the pot without making any dirt.

The packaging comes with a promotional item (double pet eater) that protects and keeps the portions of pâté, and whose height and amount changes according to the animals’ age.

Plastic bag with a zip lock that facilitates the use and conservation of the product.