Plan for Jobs and Wages

Client: TransÔnibus
Date: 2015
Services: Ilustração, Infografia e Design Editorial

Editorial graphic project of two volumes of the Plano de Cargos e Salários ( Plan for jobs and wages) research developed by TransÔnibus, on partnership with Fetranspor. Work executed at Youdo Comunicação.


The first volume of the book covers the description of the plans in a more explanatory approach. It shows the project/research steps and organizes the job functions according to their different levels. For this volume, the content was sorted into tables, graphics and functions diagrams, using a simple and didactic diagramming in order to facilitate the subject comprehension. On the cover, made in isometric illustration, each job function was represented in its own niches, respecting the color code previously determined.


The second volume of the book covers the descriptions of the jobs and organizes them in three different sections: administrative, maintenance and operating jobs. Also, the book is fully sorted into tables, containing information about the name, mission, challenges, requirements and responsibilities of the job. This volume works as a daily query guide for the Human Resources Department. In order to facilitate their search, color codes were used to represent each segment: administrative, maintenance and operating jobs, as well as section covers and summaries for each group.