1st National Contest of Tactile Books

The applications for the 1st National Contest of Tactile Books are now open! This is the Brazilian stage of the Typhlo&Tactus award, a non-profit action that has been organized for 17 years by the French charity institution Les Doigts qui Rêvent. Its goal is to stimulate the creation and the diffusion of accessible books designed for visually impaired kids. Today, the contest is organized in 21 countries and the Instituto Benjamin Constant (IBC) will be in charge of conducting the Brazilian stage. Therefore, the staff of the IBC, service providers, and second-degree relatives cannot apply.

The top five contestants will be granted a Finalist Certificate of the European Contest and they will be analysed by an international panel, gathered in Dijon, France. The first place will receive a trophy and a prize of 1.000€.

The deadline to submit the form (first stage) is from December, 07  to January, 07. The applications are free of charge.

To find out more about the terms and conditions, please refer to the competition notice and the international website of the award.

Source: IBC

11th Biennial of Graphic Design

I am really happy to announce that my beloved graduation project (The Duplicated Boy: A multi-sensory illustrated book for visual impaired kids and sight-seeing children) will be at the 11th Biennial of Graphic Design from ADG. I would like to thank all the people who assisted me during that long and difficult process and who helped me bring hope, joy and opportunity to lots of children. The challenges to offer alternative solutions to visually impaired kids are still big, but if people do their part, we will be able to change this reality a bit. The Duplicated Boy is a dream project and a result of team work. I hope everybody feels touched by this project, which is very special to me.

Here you will find the link to the project video: a sneak peek of what you will see at the event. Do not forget to click on the “CC” icon to watch the video with English subtitles.

Many thanks to all of you:

My parents, relatives, friends, service providers (Seritécnica, Printverniz, Peter Press, Croma Microencapsulados, Bare Conductive) and, mainly, God.

The 11th Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design from ADG will happen from October, 30 to November, 08 at Espaço Cidadania, in Rio de Janeiro, and it will gather 298 projects developed in Brazil and abroad between 2013 and 2014. I believe everybody will find wonderful selected projects. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the event!

I will soon show you here all the steps of my project as well as mentioning the providers and firms that helped me along the process. Stay tuned! 🙂


Welcome to my portfolio!

In this area, I will describe the methodology used in every project as well as showing the works in progress. The blog is also dedicated to the study of the principles of Design throughout the written essays. This way, people interested in the design theory can improve their knowledge.

This portfolio was done with much tender and effort to make sure that all users can easily browse through the works and pages. The feedback from users is extremely important to improve. Please contact me if you find any issues.

Thank you all for the visit. I wish everybody a lovely stay! Stay tuned for other news!