Title: Geral na Escola – Poster
Category: Promotional Design, Illustration, Infographic
Client: Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
Year: 2010

The “Geral na Escola” project had the engagement of the field of data visualization as a main goal against the social inequality, throughout the use of various media components of the visual communication area. This campaign consisted of a collective social project which emphasized the awareness and the mobilization in relation to the education; spreading information as an instrument of change.  



Work presentation in events

Title: Geral na Escola
Authors: Aline de Souza Aride, Doris Kosminsky, Rafael Pires Macabu, Luiza Bielinski, Erlan Carvalho, Natalia Caruso, Luiz Felipe Costa e Caíssa Roque
Location: Jornada Giulio Massarani de Iniciação Científica, Artística e Cultural – JICTAC
Year: 2011